Smart blinds SolarGaps-Solar Radiation AUTO-TRACKING Device

Smart blinds/Solargaps

Smart blinds solar gas are designed to track solar radiations automatically throughout the day.
Solar blinds adjust their position according to the position of the sun.
Solar blinds adjust automatically at an optimal position to generate solar electricity throughout the day to power our electronic appliances in our home, apartment, offices, and industries.
The smart blinds are the best source for those who couldn’t afford or don’t want to invest money on the solar rooftop panels (PV panels) or solar roofs technology because they are less expensive as compared to other technologies.
Solargaps have sunflower tracking technology which rotates according to the solar radiations.
The founder of solar blinds Yevgen Erick said in a statement that “I spent almost a whole day to analyze that how sunflowers change their positions according to solar radiations after that I develop an idea to make solargaps or solar blinds”.


Features of Smart blinds or Solargaps

There are the numerous features of solar blinds or solargaps discussed as under.

Green Energy

  • Solar blinds are the green source of energy which can reduce the number of greenhouse gases (GHG).
  • The Solargaps are the renewable Source of energy, we can use them for a long time.
  • Solar blinds also reduce the emission of CO2 (carbon dioxide).

Smart Features

  • Smart blinds or solargaps has smart automatically system.
  • The system has several features to rotate its position according to solar radiations.
  • Solargaps also have a feature to use as an alarm in the morning and keep your privacy at night time.
  • Smart blinds also can be easily controlled with Smartphones, google home and Amazon Alexa.
  • Smart blinds also have the smart feature to restrict the Inner cooling of air condition it can increase the cooling of air condition about 30% to 40%.
  • The founder of solar gapes Mr. Yevgen Erick said that you can increase 20% of efficiency by updating the software of smart blinds.
  • Smart blinds also have nest thermostat to control the whole slats by voice
solar gaps
smart blinds

Save Electricity

  • Solargaps protect our homes from external it can save air condition cooling sufficiently and increase the efficiency of air condition about 30% to 40%.
  • Solar binds have 40% to 50% more efficiency according to the ordinary rooftop PV (photovoltaic) panels.
  • They are cheap as compared to the PV panels and available in markets with different prices according to Size.
  • Interested Customers can purchase solargaps from here available ataw different prices ranges from 350$ to 1910$.
  • It can reduce the electricity bills up to 70%
  • It can reduce the bills of industries since the electricity bills of industries are very high due to several operations they can install smart blinds to save electricity.
  • Smart blinds build to generates up to 100W to 150W of renewable energy per 10 sq. Ft (1m2) of a square window, which will enough to operate 30 LED bulbs or Three MacBooks.
  • The generating energy can be sold to a local electrical grids

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