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Energy and Environmental Engineers


Who we are

First, we are a team of Energy and Environmental Engineers or more specifically Renewable Engineers.

We have studied Engineering related Renewable energy and its subjects without environmental pollution in addition.
Both of us are a team of cousin brothers and we both are very lazy.

Normally we find ourselves sitting on the chair and doing some crazy stuff with our laptops.

Our team is just like every other ordinary student or professional who like to involve in enjoyable situations and taking big like:

Changing the World, visit the moon, get a girlfriend and go to the World tour.

Unfortunately, I and my cousin don’t have a lot of success as far as girls are a concern but we sure are bookworms and paranoid.

We have this crazy theory that if humans keep using fossil fuels, the World’s natural atmosphere will be infiltrated by the greenhouse gases and we will suffer far worse than Global warming.

We have received the bunch of international certifications in the related field.

Our crazy minds led us to this website and a bunch of other activities where we write about different renewable energies and new ways to improve the energy sector by using a clean source of energy.
Our lazy and crazy vision is to create an awareness in common people about the cleaner source of energy and to protect something that is more important than selfishness.


During the detailed period of university, we learned at the early stages that, the Energy and Environmental Engineer is a person, who take care of the ecosystem of his home.

After home, neighborhood, surroundings, city and the globe.

  • The question must rise that how can a person change the world?
    Well, if a poor man can become the president of America (OBAMA),
  • Men like Guevarra and Nelson Mandela can be revolutionary,
  • Neil Armstrong can land his foot on the moon

Why can’t we at least try to provide knowledge and footnotes to people to change or create a better environment where we don’t have to worry about the pollutions because of fossils fuels.

Renewable energy: we are aiming towards self-awareness.

We are contributing in our own way by providing the amazing content to create an awareness about the renewable energy among everyone.
besides that, it is fun to write and talk about renewable energy and how to drive this energy into electricity and other forms.

Solar panel

We Write For

Renewable energy and future

Our target is environmental conscious people and students.

We are hoping that the people we write for have an extra sense of care for the Mother Earth.

If we use the fossil fuels a primary source of energy then following things will happen:

  • The changing climate
    • Melting glaciers
    • Polluted air
    • Polluted water
    • Global warming
    • Aquatic life destruction
    • Ozone depletion
    • Photo-chemical smog
    • Smog
    Renewable energy and Environmental consigns people are mostly housewives, government employees, regular citizens and people that are facing above changes.
    We targeted students in our quest to provide knowledge of renewable energy because youth is the future or whole World.

They are the young guns.

and they know how to change the mindset of people by organizing many awareness programs and creating the environment of self-awareness.
If we change the mindset of students and make them believe that renewable energy sources are the future of humanity then, these students can implant this knowledge to every corner of the World starting from their home.

They can spread this knowledge like wildfire when they graduate and get jobs in different sectors.

We as students, we can build and destroy the future, the choice is up to us.


renewable energy

Our Goal

  • Our goal is to create the self-awareness in people towards renewable energy and environmental care.
  • We want to achieve the support of people to read our content relating renewable energy.
  • Human psychology is very strange, we only want to do stuff which is in our favor.
  • Most noteworthy, there are other important things in life than just us.
  • Renewable energy can take over the world.
  • we just must start using it in our homes in the shape of Solar panels, wind turbines or biogas digesters.
  • Why not enjoy free energy rather than paying heavy bills of electricity and in the process.
  • we are contributing to saving our environment.

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