Hydrogen powered Car [ Revolutionary Technology with Zero Emissions]

Hydrogen powered cars

The hydrogen fuel cell cars are electric vehicles operates by hydrogen gas which powers the electric motor.
Hydrogen fuel cell cars are very much identical to BEV (battery electric car) in many aspects like their batteries are little bit identical the only big difference is the method by which electricity is delivered to the motor.
hydrogen powered cars contain a big fuel tank in which compressed hydrogen gas is filled as a fuel.
From fuel tank compressed hydrogen gas is further fed to the fuel cell which contains anode(-Ve) and cathode(+Ve), separated by an electrolyte.
The compressed hydrogen gas fed to the anode and cathode with the presence of atmospheric oxygen as a source.
The anode causes the release of electrons from hydrogen which travels towards the cathode to create an electrical current.
The hydrogen ions (missing electrons) then travel from the alternative route towards cathode where they combine with oxygen and produce water molecules and releases from the exhaust.

Hydrogen powered car features

  • Hydrogen fuel cell cars are very reliable and environmentally friendly cars.
  • According to a research hydrogen fuel cell car produce zero emissions because the only exhaust is in the form of steam.
  • Also, a hydrogen fuel cell car is very easy to refuel it takes about 10 minutes to refill.
  • The method of refueling is the same as a commercial gasoline car refill.
  • The compressed pressurize hydrogen gas is sold at any hydrogen fuel station like gasoline, diesel, and CNG (compressed natural gas).
  • Once the Hydrogen fuel cell cars refuel it will give you amazing mileage as compared to all commercial gasoline cars.
  • According to a report, the mileage of hydrogen fuel cars varies ranges between (200-300 miles).
Like other EVs cars, hydrogen fuel cell cars can employ idle-off.
  • The purpose of the idle-off system is to shut down the fuel cell at a stop sign or in traffic.
  • Also, in certain driving modes, a regenerative braking system is good to capture lost energy and charge the battery.
  • Hydrogen powered cars come with various safety features.
  • Their fuel tanks are relatively very strong as compared to gasoline cars.
  • The hydrogen fuel cell cars contain an array of hydrogen sensors that sound alarmed and seals valve and fuel lines in case of leakage in the hydrogen tank.
  • Additionally, the pressurized tanks that hold the compressed hydrogen gas have been tested repeatedly and found to be safe in collisions.
  • It comes with four electric motors, one in each wheel which will defiantly enhance the performance of the vehicle.
  • The car also contains supercapacitors to store most of the energy and use again to boost up the acceleration and power of vehicles.
  • The overall weight of the vehicle is very light.
  • It’s little enhances the performance of the vehicle.


  • Hydrogen fuel cars emit zero pollution.
  • They can cover about 300-400 miles from a single full tank.
  • These cars come with amazing safety features.
  • These cars can refuel within very low time about 7-10 minutes, same as all ordinary gasoline cars refueled.

Will the technology improve

  • Although hydrogen filling station is not easy to build the government of UK makes a statement to build 65 hydrogen filling station in the UK by 2020, so that the owners of the cars can easily refuel their vehicles.
  • There are many organizations want to invest in hydrogen-powered cars as the metropolitan police make a team with Toyota Mirai for creating the world’s largest fleet of zero-emission hydrogen powered police vehicles.
  • Also, Hyundai about to launch the latest model of the hydrogen-powered car named as NEXO.
  • NEXO will give mileage about 500 miles in a single full tank.
  • The president and CEO of Hyundai motors the UK, Mr. Tony Whitehorn says in a press conference that over new model Hyundai NEXO will come with various features.
  • With incredible sustainability like we can refuel it within few minutes.
  • It will cover enough distance to get you all the way from London to Sheffield and back again on a single full tank of hydrogen fuel.
  • The research head of Hyundai company Dr. Sae-Hoon Kim states that technology is currently very expensive.
  • The cost of fuel and other components is very high however, it can be reduced by constant development and research.
  • Also, Dr. Kim states the cost of vehicles will fall down quickly if the sale of vehicle increases.
  • He also estimates that if 100,000 hydrogen fuel cell cars sold yearly then the price of hydrogen fuel cell cars is similar to ordinary gasoline cars.
  • The government of Japan offers an area for construction of hydrogen fuel station in order to facilitate the owner of hydrogen-powered cars.
  • Also, the government of Japan states that they have a target of building 302 hydrogen filling stations by the end of 2022.



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