3D printing a Revolutionary Eco Friendly Technology

3D Printing – Build things faster

3d printing technology

Before a deep dive, we should know what precisely a 3d printing technology is?

“simply you can manufacture real objects from digital prints within a few hours or even in minutes”.

3d printing or additive manufacturing technology print the desired objects layer by layer.

Long ago, 3d printing technology was an imagination; people think it is impossible to create a desired 3d model at home within a few hours.

However, it is no more imagination, even more, expert predicts that 3d printing technology will be conventional at every home within the next few years.

Even, today various multinational companies rely on additive manufacturing technology to build their product very fast in an efficient way.

3d printers will make your life easier, you have to feed them a digital print, and they will make a 3d model of that digital print faster than your imagination.


Advantages of 3d printing (additive technology)

Imagine why most reputed manufacturing companies adopt this technology; there must be a good reason.

No extra processing Cost: unlike other methods where you have to join some parts and use some solutions, etc. to create a model.

The 3d printer only needs Material no any custom tool for an extra cost you need to feed Material.

No wastage of Material: traditional methods like CNC, VMC machine waste a lot of Material by removing extra Material, which can’t be reused again until it will be processed.

However, 3d printing technology will require the exact amount of Material that needs a prototype.


Single-step process: yes, 3d printing is a single step process you don’t need to connect extra accessories you need to start the process and sit back until it completes.

However, it may require finishing at the end, but it is not a difficult task.

Very fast: testing a new prototype is the most crucial

and time-consuming process in every industry, every new design may take several days and sometimes months.

However, with the help of additive manufacturing, each new design may be created in a few hours.


Anything you want: this is the incredible advantage of this technology, create any desired 3d model, you need to require material and a digital print to start.


here are some real examples of 3d printing technology

Though there are uncountable examples of additive manufacture, I want to show a few of them.

Medical Science: researchers of Wake Forest University North Carolina have created human organs, tissues, and bones by using plastic-like Material that can be implemented on humans theoretically.

3d printing technology

Modern Robotic Birds: Dutch company has created robotic birds with the help of additive manufacturing technology.

3d printing technoloogy

Moreover, they believe that these birds work as a scarecrow for your crafts.

Modern Shoes: everyone wants a custom printed shoe with custom measurements.

Zante Generate Running Shoes, display first high-performance shoes with 3d printed midsole.

Moreover, Under Armour release the first shoe with the 3D printed midsole and a 3D upper design.

Manufacturing industries: various automotive and other sectors manufacture use additive technology for making machines, cars, aeroplanes parts and other accessories.

3D drawing: kids love to make their 3d drawings and other fresh kinds of stuff.



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